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In the increasingly sophisticated practice of financial transactions, expertise and training are essential. Our expertise comes from working with an extensive variety of engagements that call for specialized knowledge on accounting theories.

We have undertaken assignments in a variety of industries such as construction, transportation and logistics, professional services, healthcare, food service and entertainment, farming, manufacturing, distribution, and financial services. The following is a brief overview of some of the forensic analysis services we have provided:

  • Contracted as the Expert by the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission for purposes of tracing the use of over ten million dollars of investor funds.
  • Nine-year tracing of a one hundred and eighty million dollar disputed estate. Engagement involved the analysis of over sixty bank and brokerage accounts with investments in public stocks, mutual funds, bonds, REITs, and private investment funds. Our team uncovered thirty million dollars of unauthorized transfers, undisclosed investments, unreported income, and hidden assets.
  • Reconstruction of personal and business financial records for federal criminal proceedings; the subject owned several businesses that manufactured and distributed a controlled substance across state lines. The investigation involved the review and analysis of over two-hundred accounts.
  • Identification of relationships between sixty business entities, incorporated in six states and in three countries.  Our forensic investigation entailed research and review of mergers, acquisitions, asset sales, income tax returns, intellectual property, and banking records.
  • Reconstructing of a private company stock register for a twenty year period and determination of the marital value of the gifted stock. 
  • Historical tracing of seventeen retirement accounts for a twenty year period consisting of several transfers between accounts, loans and repayments, withdrawals, and contributions.
  • Tracing related to dissipation of assets, transfers to foreign entities, identification of off-shore accounts, tracing of substantial severance payments and “golden parachutes”.
  • Tracing of loan proceeds received by hedge fund manager for capital reserves.  Our team uncovered that the loan proceeds were utilized to pay-off the manager’s personal home mortgage and invest in various other real estate in the names of third parties.
  • Identification of contingent assets consisting of restricted stock units, stock options, stock appreciation rights, and employee stock purchase plans.
  • Analysis of a Fortune 500 company’s internal audit department inventory reports.  Our analysis uncovered significant errors and inconsistencies in their reporting which had led to the removal and prosecution of an employee for alleged theft.

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