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Casandra Ferrer, CPA, CFE

Cassandra Ferrer

Cassandra Ferrer, CPA, CFESenior Litigation Manager

Casandra Ferrer, CPA, CFE is a Senior Litigation Manager and joined the firm at its inception after working with Mrs. Caswell at a prior firm having started there as an Intern. After a brief departure to work at The Florida Bar, she returned to FAC-CPA in 2019. After earning a bachelor’s degree in finance in 1996, Cassandra worked as a mortgage broker and title examiner for several years and then pursued her undergraduate degree in Accounting from Florida International University, which she earned in 2012. Cassandra provides forensic accounting services and expert witness testimony in litigation proceedings. Mrs. Ferrer is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner and possesses the ability to communicate litigation issues in both English and Spanish.

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