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Commercial Litigation

Supporting You With Commercial Litigation in Los Angeles

commercial litigation in Los AngelesWhether you manage a large corporation or a small family business, commercial litigation can quickly become a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. At Forensic Accountants & Consultants, our skilled team possesses the experience and skills to provide personalized solutions to complex, time-sensitive financial situations. Since 2013, our clients have turned to our team of Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified Public Accountants to assist them with the litigation process. Whether you're in the discovery phase or already mired in litigation, we're here to help.

We understand just how challenging it can be to decipher the dynamics of your unique legal situation. Our team carefully assesses your status and provides you with meticulous, discrete support. We'll break down the specifics of your issue with precise data analysis, careful accounting, and efficient investigative strategies. You can trust our team to assist with business interruption claims, IP disputes, insurance claims, and much more.

We look forward to exploring your Los Angeles commercial litigation case in greater detail. Get in touch with Forensic Accountants & Consultants today to set up your free initial consultation with one of our forensic accountants.

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What Is Commercial Litigation?

lawyer meeting with court judgesCommercial litigation consists of a range of lawsuits between two or more parties when at least one party involved is a business entity. Similar to other forms of civil litigation, both sides typically perform investigations, the plaintiff's attorney files the lawsuit, and both parties go before a jury or judge to try the case.

As both sides work to uncover the truth of the matter during the Los Angeles commercial litigation process, you can benefit from the services of our forensic accountants. Our financial investigations and analytical processes have helped countless clients and their legal representation present strong, cohesive cases.

Our Role in Litigation Support

Regardless of the stage of commercial litigation you're facing, we're ready to help. We begin by carefully reviewing your situation, gathering evidence, and preparing our findings. Even if your case does not make it to court, we document all our research and discoveries for future reference. Our team is ready to assist with:

Pre-Discovery Consulting

Bringing in one of our forensic accountants during the early stages of the litigation process can save you considerable money in the long run. We offer impartial insights into your status and can calculate potential damages. This not only gives you and your counsel realistic expectations but also helps your legal team coordinate an effective litigation strategy moving forward. Often, having our commercial litigation firm in Los Angeles involved from the very beginning of the case helps you reach a favorable and expedited settlement agreement.

We're prepared to assist your counsel by identifying pertinent financial information that can help you prove or disprove claimed damages. Our forensic accountants can also help analyze the potential strategies of the opposing party depending on their inquiries.

Whether your case is heard in federal court, state court, via private arbitration, or through administrative hearings, we're ready to analyze the data at hand and provide unbiased witness testimony. We showcase our findings using documents, statements, and charts, so our results are easy to evaluate and understand. Our team carefully researches the case's background, surrounding factors, and parties involved to provide fair and well-researched support.

What Types of Commercial Litigation Can We Assist With?

Our forensic accountants can help you resolve several commercial litigation problems in Los Angeles. Whether you've encountered an unexpected breach of contract dispute or a shareholder disagreement, we're ready to support you with our entire experience and resources.

Breach of Contract Disputes: This issue arises when the governing terms of a contract are not followed, which has a detrimental impact on one party. Particularly when a shareholder or business' money is involved, this form of dispute can quickly become contentious. Our team quantifies the economic damages and financial losses occurring due to a breach of contract. By thoroughly analyzing the financial data, we can help you arrive at a fair settlement.

IP Disputes: A company's Intellectual Property (IP) is vital to its long-term success and profitability. When IP is infringed upon or used without authorization by a third party, it's crucial to immediately seek an experienced forensic accountant. We have considerable experience quantifying economic damages in IP and intangible assets and presenting our findings in a simplistic, easy-to-follow manner. You can count on us to assess or prepare claims for reasonable royalties, lost profits, or unjust enrichment.

Employment Disputes: Even a single significant employment dispute can prove costly due to the potential damages and considerable legal fees. Ideally, such a situation can be resolved through efficient mediation long before the matter arrives in court. We evaluate the financial facts of the situation and offer unbiased consulting to help you reach a desirable settlement.

Insurance Claims: Our skill and experience at quantifying damages include insurance claims. We can research cases involving economic damages, particularly in cases involving personal injury, property damages and business personal property, and builder's risk. To reach a conclusion, we review industry data, inventory value, invoices, damages related to soft costs, corresponding support, and more.

Business Interruption Claims: Business interruptions, while unfortunate, are prone to happening unexpectedly. Whether your company is impacted by a natural disaster or machinery failure, you're going to need to file for damages incurred. We work diligently to calculate how much income you've lost due to the business interruption. By identifying, segregating, and analyzing costs and revenue before and after the incident, we can project what your sales and expenses would have been under normal operating conditions. This helps you file an accurate, thorough damages claim.

Shareholder Disputes: A shareholder dispute typically arises due to disagreements over the governance, goals, operations, or financial management of a business. We perform a detailed financial investigation to detect signs of undisclosed liabilities, fraudulent transactions, conflicts of interest, or partners involved in self-dealing. Identifying internal issues quickly can allow you to settle without your case ever going to court.

Tailored Assistance With Los Angeles Commercial Litigation

If you or your counsel require assistance with complex financial litigation, our team is ready to guide you through the process. Our forensic accountants have the experience to exceed your expectations and simplify the litigation experience. Call Forensic Accountants & Consultants today to discuss your situation with one of our Los Angeles commercial litigation consultants!

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