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Economic Damages

Partnering With You Through Economic Damages in Atlanta

economic damage accountants in Atlanta working with clientsAt Forensic Accountants & Consultants, our team of Certified Public Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners understands how detrimental economic damages can be to your financial success. We have extensive experience helping individuals and organizations navigate these complex situations and find solutions to restore them to fiscal health. You can rely on us to put our considerable resources to work on your behalf to protect you from fraud and economic damages.

One of our top priorities is to ease the stresses of going through unexpected and challenging circumstances. We take the time to personally get to know your situation and the exact ways we can put our skills to use on your behalf. Since 2013, we have provided the communities of Atlanta with meticulous and precise financial services. If there's a problem to be found or a solution to be implemented, you can count on us to give you the answers you're looking for. Contact one of our Atlanta economic damages accountants today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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What Are Economic Damages?

Economic damages are the verifiable and measurable losses you or your business have suffered due to injury, negligence, or fraud. Our forensic accountants work with you to get the proper reimbursement for your losses. We go over all the facts of the case while also investigating the events that led to your damages, so we ensure all your numbers and calculations are correct. Some of the information we gather includes:

  • Lost earnings and business opportunities
  • Expenses for medical visits and medications associated with an injury
  • Lost profits from business disruptions
  • Costs of replacing or repairing damaged property
  • Travel expenses

You can count on our team to be discreet and thorough in all our research. We want to handle your case using the best approach possible so you can be reimbursed for events you have no control over.

Determining Economic Damages in Shareholder Disputes

Atlanta economic damages expert handling a shareholder disputeShareholder disputes may arise suddenly amongst shareholders or between a business' leadership and shareholders. These can happen because of disagreements in how a company is run, financial goals, business objectives, hiring or firing, and other operational matters. Because of the economic investments a shareholder has made, it is also common for these disputes to become hostile and contentious. Our team cuts through the tension to get to the facts of the matter and develop a favorable resolution.

We work quickly to stabilize your situation and gain understanding regarding the allegations to keep damages from occurring or accumulating further. From business valuations to reviewing your company's entity and financial statement analysis, our team has the expertise you can rely on to get a full picture of your losses. We compile all the data we gather and our recommendations, so you get a clear report of your financial standing and the steps to resolve your challenges. It is always our goal to reach a settlement before needing to go to court.

Evaluating Commercial Economic Damages in Atlanta

Commercial economic damages can stem from a variety of situations. Our forensic accountants and fraud examiners perform a detailed analysis of your circumstances to determine the exact amount of your losses and their cause. Whether you need us to present our findings in court or before a private arbiter, the comprehensive report of our findings will be easy-to-follow and expertly presented by one of our accountants. We can aid you with damages associated with the following:

  • Employment Discrimination
  • Business Interruptions
  • Breaches of Contract
  • Managerial Negligence
  • Unfair Competition
  • Deceptive Trade Practices
  • Infringement of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Fraud

Helping You Navigate a Prolonged or Contentious Divorce

economic damages expert in Atlanta meeting with a clientNo one plans to go through a divorce when they get married. However, our team understands how emotionally and practically challenging it is to navigate the dissolution of a marriage. We work specifically to find ways to enter into a collaborative divorce process so we can find a fair and favorable solution for both parties. If this is not possible, our team works on your behalf to put you in the best position possible.

From asset tracing to business valuation and lifestyle analysis, we use our extensive capabilities to help you better understand the dynamics of your situation and assess all the economics involved. When we've finished our investigation, you'll understand what losses have occurred and we'll advise you on navigating toward a better financial foundation. We work hard to help you recoup your damages and find an agreeable resolution to your circumstances.

Assessing Economic Damages Within Government Agencies

We know that as a government agency, your finances are crucially important to your day-to-day operations. Our team works with you to determine the cause of your damages and then presents ways to keep them from occurring again. This is especially important when navigating government contracts.

You can count on us to provide expert witness testimony and present your data clearly if needed. Some of the situations we can help your Atlanta government agency with include:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Scope Creep
  • Delays
  • Disputes Involving Subcontractors and Prime Contractors

Accurately Calculating Economic Damages in Atlanta

Every day brings new opportunities and challenges for any business, individual, and government agency. When unexpected events impact your finances,  Forensic Accountants & Consultants can help you understand and resolve the situation. Our team has the expertise and knowledge you can trust to assess your economic damages and help provide a way back to financial stability, regardless of your organization or circumstances. If you're looking to recoup your losses from economic damages in Atlanta, let our team go to work for you. Contact our office today to set up a free initial consultation.

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