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Forensic Accounting

Reliable Forensic Accounting in Las Vegas

business woman meeting with Las Vegas forensic accountantsOur experienced team at Forensic Accountants & Consultants takes pride in offering meticulous, time-sensitive solutions for complicated financial scenarios. We founded our first branch in 2013 to support the government agencies, entrepreneurs, working professionals, and high-net-worth individuals of our Las Vegas community. You can trust that our experts will handle your unique situation with efficiency, care, and discretion.

To provide an optimal experience, we've prepared a skilled team of Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified Public Accountants to address your pressing needs effectively. Analyzing a complex financial situation on your own can be challenging and time-consuming, and our team is fully prepared to provide the full-service capabilities you require. From assessing economic damages to breaking down shareholder disputes, we have the experience and skillset to help.

We look forward to exploring your needs in greater detail. Give our Las Vegas forensic accountants a call today to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our experts.

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What is a Forensic Accountant's Role?

Forensic accountants use a combination of investigative, auditing, and accounting skills to perform an in-depth examination of an individual or company's finances. The quality and scope of our work creates an unbiased accounting analysis that may be used in legal proceedings. Our Las Vegas forensic accountants dive into your data to explore the meaning behind your figures and uncover the truth of financial problems.

Our experts are routinely called upon to:

  • Compile financial evidence
  • Use accounting software to manage data collected
  • Communicate findings using easy-to-follow reports and presentations
  • Testify in court
  • Prepare visual aids to support trial evidence

How Our Team Supports You

From the moment you reach out to our forensic accounting firm in Las Vegas, we devote our full range of services and support to your case. You can count on us to provide the comprehensive assistance you require when you need it most. We begin our approach with a meeting to enhance our understanding of your circumstance, map out the scope of our engagement, and clarify your goals. Our experts are prepared to assist with:

Shareholder Disputes: Shareholder disputes occur when there is a substantial disagreement between a company's shareholders and owners. A conflict may arise over the business' assets, finances, goals, operations, or other features. Since shareholders may have invested a portion of their wealth into the company already, they are typically eager to resolve the situation quickly and fairly. We begin our resolution process by reviewing the company's constitutional documents. Once we understand the rules applicable to shareholders and business representatives, we adjust our strategy accordingly.

Commercial Litigation: The majority of disputes in a business fall within the scope of commercial litigation. Throughout your business' lifetime, you may encounter partnership disputes, breaches of contract, shareholder disputes, or class actions. Whether your case is heard in federal court, state court, through private arbitration, or via administrative hearings, we're ready to dive into the data and offer expert witness testimony.

Fraud Investigations: In the digital era, it's unfortunately easier than ever to fall victim to digital fraud, or corporate crime. Our Las Vegas forensic accountants understand how hard you've worked to build your business. We're prepared to investigate cash embezzlements, financial leaks, corrupt practices, and possible accounting manipulations.

How Does a Forensic Accountant Differ From a Traditional Accountant?

Las Vegas forensic accountants working on client caseYour traditional accountant can assist you with many routine situations, from creating financial statements to providing comprehensive bookkeeping. They can also perform a financial statement audit of your books to ensure your company's records align with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). A financial statement audit does not explicitly seek out fraud or examine every individual transaction, so if you suspect fraud or financial misdeeds, you'll require the services of a forensic accountant.

When you reach out to our forensic accounting firm in Las Vegas, we perform detailed investigations that source out both the cause and results of discrepancies. We do much more than simply find financial fraud. Our experts break down the situation to discover who created the problem, what weaknesses were exploited, and how issues can be prevented in the future. You can trust us to approach every case with an unbiased, tailored approach that seeks out the complete truth.

Your Meticulous Las Vegas Forensic Accounting Firm

Whether you suspect that your company is the victim of financial fraud or you're seeking assistance with a contentious shareholder dispute, our Las Vegas forensic accountants are here to help. We provide the effective, streamlined experience you deserve. Call our office today to schedule your free initial consultation with Forensic Accountants & Consultants.

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