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Fraud Investigations

Forensic Fraud Investigations in Los Angeles

fraud investigations in Los AngelesAt Forensic Accountants & Consultants, we understand how important it is to protect your company's financial health and reputation. Even a single case of documented fraud can cause substantial damage to your public image and revenue. In the digital era, it's more important than ever to be aware of the present risks of corporate crime, litigation, and fraud. Whether you're looking to shore up your internal safeguards or investigate an alleged misdeed, our skilled team of Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified Public Accountants can help.

Since 2013, we've helped government agencies and business owners in Los Angeles with financial fraud investigations and audits. To carry out our duties, we're ready to offer business valuations, assess economic damages, provide litigation consultations, undertake investigations, and much more. We're dedicated to uncovering the complete and unbiased truth behind complex, time-sensitive financial situations.

Once you reach out to our firm, we provide you with our full support, experience, and capabilities. We look forward to exploring the dynamics of your unique situation in greater detail, so give our office a call today to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our fraud examiners.

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Types of Financial Fraud We Address

Financial fraud occurs when an individual or entity is wrongfully deprived of capital or money through misleading, deceptive, or illegal practices. There are, unfortunately, several ways in which financial fraud may occur. By staying aware of the risks most pertinent to your business or line of work, you protect yourself and your team from wrongdoing. If you suspect that you and your business are the victims of financial fraud in Los Angeles, we can assist you with problems such as:

Tax Fraud

Some businesses or individuals may attempt to claim incorrect information about their financial status to avoid paying the proper amount in taxes. We meticulously trace earnings and revenue to determine the correct tax obligations and the extent of the perpetuated fraud. Our team can also review your financial data to show that your business did not perform tax fraud if you've been wrongfully accused.

When a business misrepresents its financial status or makes false claims about information that investors use for decision-making, they are committing a form of securities fraud. We work diligently to uncover these operations and protect investors.

Money laundering can be incredibly difficult to detect and track, to the extent that it may go unnoticed during a routine audit of your organization. If you suspect that your company is being victimized by money laundering, it's essential to bring in our team. We use forensic accounting methods and technology, along with a thorough investigative approach, to determine who is behind the issue and how your systems were compromised.

As unpleasant as it is to consider, fraud may occur within marriages and families. Whether someone is hiding assets or using a familial relationship to embezzle funds, we help you uncover the truth of the matter.

When a company faces bankruptcy or encounters substantial economic losses, we can assist in the recovery process. We carefully review the financial situation to ensure that intentional actions did not play a role in the business' economic struggles.

Misappropriated assets can take the form of payroll fraud, embezzlement, or outright property theft. A company or individual can intentionally leave assets off a balance sheet to hide them from another entity or individual. Our team works to uncover such discrepancies and their causes.

Falsified insurance claims allow individuals or corporations to benefit from a lie involving the protection of their assets. Insurance claims are often complicated to challenge. Our forensic accountants review the financial background of the situation to help legal counsel determine the validity of contested insurance claims.

Corruption may show up in one of several different forms. When performing a financial investigation, we search for any signs of bribery, extortion, or conflicts of interest. By uncovering and tracking discrepancies, we can identify the causes of your financial problems.

Performing a Forensic Accounting Audit

spreadsheet and magnifying classWhen performing a fraud investigation audit in Los Angeles, our team uses our analytical tools and meticulous research techniques to perform a deep dive into your finances. We go substantially above and beyond the procedures needed to conduct a financial statement audit to uncover any problems and their direct cause.

Our approach includes:

  • Investigation: Our team is typically brought in once there is already suspicion of fraud. We carefully research the case's background, including the industry involved, to take the most effective approach. Our Los Angeles fraud investigators then dig into your data to explore discrepancies and indicators of wrongdoing. We keep you informed of our progress throughout our investigation, so you're never left in the dark regarding your status. Additionally, our team can be of use even if you don't already suspect internal fraud. We can provide strategies to strengthen your internal controls and operating procedures to reduce risks to your financial health.
  • Reporting: Using the information we find during our research and interviews, we can hypothesize what happened to cause your current situation. Once we gather sufficient evidence to build our case, we can present a summary of our findings. We reveal what and who we believe caused the situation. Our team presents our conclusions using easy-to-follow statements, charts, and diagrams. We can then provide recommendations for follow-up actions and prepare to present our findings in court if needed.
  • Litigation & Expert Witness Testimony: Our Los Angeles fraud investigators are prepared to provide expert witness testimony in state court, federal court, private arbitration, or administrative hearings. We present and interpret our findings in full detail so that the court or deciding authorities have the information needed to make an informed decision on your case.

Trustworthy Financial Fraud Investigations in Los Angeles

Whether you're currently suffering from suspected fraud or you want to secure your company from future issues, our Los Angeles fraud investigation team is here to help. Reach out to Forensic Accountants & Consultants today to set up your free initial consultation and discover how our team can investigate and reduce the risk of financial fraud.

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