Litigation Support

Litigation Support

The main goal of a forensic accountant is to unravel complex financial transactions and present them in an understandable, clear, and concise manner that is properly supported.  FAC-CPA provides innovative presentation of financial evidence in the form of reports, exhibits, and visual aids to support trial evidence.    

Litigated forensic cases are document and detail intensive. One of the most common and damaging mistakes made by fraud investigators is improper handling of discovery.  Important documents that contain incriminating information are useless if the team is unable to locate it when needed.  FAC-CPA’s system of document control is detailed and organized.  Our offices are fully paperless and we utilize state of the art software—developed internally—for maintaining an accurate inventory of documents in every case that facilitates instant retrieval.  With an emphasis on information technology, every team member is proficient in operating software, computerized accounting systems, and computer network systems that assist us in conducting our investigations. 

We are actively involved in every step of the case; from preparing discovery requests associated with financial analysis, conducting thorough independent analysis of financial records, identifying and tracing funds, performing interviews, formulating questions for depositions, to testifying as Expert Witnesses in judicial proceedings. 

For a litigation assignment, we:

  • assist in obtaining the necessary documentation to support or refute a claim;
  • examine the relevant documentation to form an assessment of the case;
  • review the damages report by the opposing expert;
  • assist with settlement discussions and negotiations; and
  • attend trial to hear the testimony of the opposing expert and provide assistance with cross-examination. 

Monica Ospina’s broad background in managing complex litigation matters as a Senior Manager with one of the largest accounting firms in the country provided a solid foundation and appreciation for data, efficiency, strategy, and logic which she has instilled in the culture of FAC-CPA.