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Marital Dissolution & Collaborative Divorce

Navigating Marital Dissolution & Collaborative Divorce in Los Angeles

Marital dissolution in Los AngelesAt Forensic Accountants & Consultants, our skilled Certified Public Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners are prepared to undertake detailed financial investigations, defend our findings, and provide expert witness testimony. We understand how challenging it can be to work through a marital dissolution or collaborative divorce, and our Los Angeles team is prepared to offer prompt, impartial assistance. You can count on our diligence, professionalism, and discretion throughout every stage of the process.

Since 2013, our Los Angeles forensic accounting firm has helped individuals by developing personalized solutions to complex financial problems. Our capabilities regarding divorce or marital dissolution proceedings include lifestyle analysis, business valuations, and asset tracing. To get a sense of where you stand financially, it's essential to bring in an unbiased, qualified expert that can break down your situation. We're ready to help you pursue closure and target your economic goals with renewed confidence.

We look forward to exploring the intricate details of your unique case, so give our forensic accounting firm a call today to set up your free initial consultation!

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How Can We Help During a Los Angeles Marital Dissolution or Collaborative Divorce?

If you find yourself involved in a divorce proceedings, you can trust our forensic accountants to uncover the facts related to any financial dispute. We apply analytical methods and the most advanced accounting technologies to provide crucial insights into your situation. You can count on us to relay our findings promptly and concisely, so you're never left wondering about the state of your finances. We stand by the quality of our work and are prepared to defend our results, whether privately or in court.

Hidden or undisclosed income, assets, and finances can significantly shift the dynamics of a marital dissolution or divorce. Whether you would like an impartial valuation of a shared business or you believe concealed finances exist, we work tirelessly to discover the truth. Our forensic accountants are dedicated to addressing your case with fairness to both parties and are interested only in the pertinent facts and resources. You'll find our team to be precise, discrete, and careful in our approach.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

collaborative divorce services in Los AngelesCollaborative divorce offers a private alternative to the traditional in-court divorce process. It is based on three fundamental principles:

  • A pledge to not go to court
  • An honest and accurate exchange of information by both parties
  • A solution that prioritizes the needs of both adults and their children

Our forensic accountants are in your corner to make the collaborative divorce process in Los Angeles go as smoothly as possible. Our financial skillset and experience allow us to provide neutral expertise regarding the determination of incomes, the value of a closely held business, and analyses of non-marital and marital assets. We review your case with an even-handed and honest approach. Our goal is to help you reach a settlement that meets the expectations and objectives of everyone involved.

Our Efficient Capabilities

We carefully review the dynamics of your unique situation to develop a customized strategy that meets your needs. Our team works diligently to provide the comprehensive forensic accounting services required to reach an acceptable divorce settlement. We offer:

Research & Analytics

We use our investigative techniques and knowledge of accounting principles to discover undisclosed income and assets. It can be challenging to detect such issues, but we have mastered our approach to reveal the facts of the situation. By reviewing a couple's net worth at different points throughout the marriage and reviewing bank deposits, we can assess whether the reported incomes are consistent with changes in net worth. You can trust our team to approach your case with a thorough, unbiased mindset and strategy.

We carefully analyze pre-marital and marital investment accounts, business interests, and real estate to be considered for marital property awards. By going through the data, we can determine the non-marital and marital components of contributions and withdrawals into these assets. Our forensic accountants also seek out any previously undeclared credit cards, investments, and bank accounts. Throughout our investigation, we look into:

  • Loan applications and public record searches
  • Individual, business, and fiduciary tax returns
  • Personal and business financial statements
  • Disbursements made from brokerage and bank accounts

During a lifestyle analysis, we review expenses and income to develop an understanding of the day-to-day living situation of both parties during the course of the marriage. We review and evaluate credit card statements, bank statements, and investment accounts and then craft a prospective marital budget. Our completed marital budget specifically accounts for post-divorce expenses not incurred during the marriage.

In many situations, one spouse is more actively involved in the financial management of a shared business. It can be difficult for the other spouse to accurately determine the value of the closely-held company. Our forensic accountants perform impartial, accurate, and defensible valuations that assess the business' true worth. Even for complex cases involving personal goodwill or non-marital asset deductions, you can trust us to provide you with reliable results.

Supporting You Through Collaborative Divorce & Marital Dissolution in Los Angeles

We understand how stressful and challenging it can be to navigate a marital dissolution or collaborative divorce. The Los Angeles team at Forensic Accountants & Consultants is in your corner to make the financial aspect of the process as stress-free as possible. Give our forensic accountants a call today to schedule your free initial consultation!

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